Starting in Genesis 8 DVD’s (16 hours)

Starting in Genesis 8 DVD’s (16 hours)

The Plan Bible

$ 99.95

This sixteen session series is a complete biblical science worldview model, beginning with the creation week and continues with exact modern calculation of the age of the earth. Jeff Swanson ties modern science to God’s Word, by utilizing Hebrew word studies to increase your faith in the Bible answering tough questions:


  1. How can we trust the Bible is true?
  2. When and What method did God use for creation?
  3. How can we see distant starlight in a young universe?
  4. When was Satan’s creation and fall? 
  5. How did human sin corrupt creation?
  6. What was the world like before the catastrophic flood of Noah’s day? 
  7. Are their evidences of dinosaurs and people living together?
  8. Can we see evidence today of a catastrophic worldwide flood? 
  9. Where does the ice age fit into the Bible?
  10. Does archaeology confirm the Bible as the foundation of world history?  

 Includes over 600 PowerPoint slides illustrations for easy understanding. 

Instructor: Jeff Swanson’s calling is to establish believers with understanding of God’s plan. He has spoken coast to coast and border to border across America. This DVD series is taught from the eBook called The Plan: The Chronology of God’s Word from Creation to Completion. It is a verse-by-verse journey through history and the prophetic future to come, in God’s own words (King James or New International Version). His work has been endorsed by Dr. Tim LaHaye and Dr. Hilton Sutton. Jeff has been TV interviewed nationwide on Fox News Live, the Harvest Show and Prophecy in the News.