The Plan Bible Journey Begins!

Bible Creationism Prophecy

Dear Believer,            We believe that 2017 will be your best year yet as you faithfully follow after God!            We are excited about this year. October 31 will be The Plan’s seven year anniversary and that same day marks the 500th year of the movement toward scriptural authority.            In 2017 we walk through God’s Plan for all humanity in 365 minutes.Each day we will be sending an email with a link to the daily Journey video. The Journey is God’s Plan in 60 seconds per day, after the introduction and key verse. It will conclude with the verses relative significance for...

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The Plan Bible Resource Store is Opening Soon!

Creation Plan Bible Prophecy Resources

The Plan Bible is excited to open its newest edition to the website: Our resource center. Our vision is to give you the finest resources to empower you with understanding God’s plan which includes the origins and destinies of all things found in God’s Word. The truth is under attack from every media source. God’s Word must be the final authority for determining truth. We believe these resources will help you understand God’s master plan for the human race as well as understanding His plan for your life. We believe that walking in the truth is necessary for obtaining freedom from...

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